Jul 23

Podcast Introduction – Starts 08/21/16

Welcome to the 8-21-17 podcast. Actually, an introduction. The REAL podcast begins on August 21, 2016. That’s one year to the day before next summer’s eclipse. Once it starts, you’ll get a podcast a week, until the week before the eclipse.

My name is Ed Owen and I live in the heart of viewing country of the 2017 eclipse.

I’m originally from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. You may have heard a lot about that little town. It has received an incredible amount of publicity the last few years as it is the epicenter of the 8-21-17 eclipse. In fact, we started talking about the eclipse in the Hopkinsville area as far back as ten years ago. At that time it seemed like a lifetime away. Now, it’s just a year and a few days.

These days, I live right across the border in Tennessee and do a lot of tourist related work in Nashville. Nashville is the city that astronomy dot com said was the premiere large city in America to visit for the eclipse. It is the largest American city that will reach total darkness, has wonderful transportation in and out of the city, domestic AND international, and is an incredible destination on it’s own. Eclipse or NO eclipse.

OK, full disclosure, you should know that I am promoting a series of tours for eclipse visitors who are coming to the centerline of the view path to watch the eclipse. We are welcoming thousands of visitors to Nashville next summer, but for those visitors, we’ll actually be observing the eclipse from a location less than 30 miles from the epicenter, near the Kentucky border in Clarksville. That’s where we’ll receive 2 minutes 20 seconds of total darkness.

But the purpose of the podcast is NOT, and WON’T be, to try and sell you. The purpose of the podcast will be to educate, and maybe even entertain you a bit. We may spend a few seconds AFTER each podcast talking about what we’re doing, but you’re safe during the podcast itself.

If you’re an eclipse novice, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss terminology, history, ‘how tos’ like “how to photograph an eclipse” or “how to view an eclipse”, things like that. We’ll do that in the early stages of the series.

And if you’re an expert, we’ll be talking to some pretty impressive people who’ll be traveling to watch the eclipse and who are experts in this field. And you’ll start to understand why you should be in a position to view the eclipse as well. No matter where you intend to view it from.

And for the most part, this podcast will be brief and to the point. I do NOT like long, drawn out podcasts. Get to the point, move along. I don’t know about you, but I figure MOST things can be said in ten minutes or so. the ‘8 – 21 – 17 podcast’ will be short and to the point, with special exceptions being if we have a guest that truly has a LOT to say, and then we might issue two versions of the podcast. Time will tell on that.

And occasionally after the show, we’ll talk about Nashville and the area I live in, and THEN maybe we’ll throw in a plug for joining us. But always after the meat of the show.

Now that you know what we’re doing, we welcome your input. Whether you have questions you’d like answered, topics you’d like to see us cover, or even guests you think we should have on the podcast, let me know. Email me at podcast@eclipsemadeeasy.com. That’s podcast@eclipsemadeeasy.com.

Now, make sure you subscribe to the podcast, or sign up for our mailing list, or both.

And thanks for joining me here on the 8-21-17 podcast.